December 19, 2014


Control and Management of LTE / 4G Data

IT development and deployment methods have finally made their way to the telecom core network! This means granular control of data packets never seen before, or available to, WISPs, MVNOs, IoT product or service providers or MNOs.

IoT providers

IoT service or product providers are creating some seriously innovative solutions. To date, it’s unfortunate the traditional telecom network does not provide them with a platform in which scales to their needs. It is also frustrating when IoT providers have to manage the complexities and intricacies of the traditional telecom network. Expeto abstracts the network complexities and provides a RESTful interface by which service deployment is dramatically increased (and scaled).

Here’s an example:

Enterprise (Private Virtual Network Operator)

Enterprises large and small arguably have the most to benefit from deploying their own, private LTE core network. Ultimately, this means viewing the LTE network just like you would your WiFi network – simply a subnet.

  • Increased security through a private subnet approach where ALL data resides behind firewalls
  • Employ corporate security policies to LTE traffic
  • Secure endpoints, including smartphones (think the beloved BES servers…)

Here’s an example:



Mobile Virtual Network Operators (Lite to Full)

MVNOs looking to migrate from Lite to Full already know the pain (and cost) of procuring their own core network hardware. MVNOs migrating from Lite to Full models achieve:

  • Increased margins typically from 20% to 45%
  • Granular data control to mitigate revenue leakage (session teardown, for example)
  • LTE offloading (assume WiFi first with QoS at the core)

Here’s an example: