December 30, 2015


Expeto is revolutionizing the way secure LTE environments are deployed. IoT deployments ultimately need to be more IT-centric, rather than telco-centric. The Expeto Evolved Packet core Integrated Cloud (EPIC) consists of all LTE core network elements, and deployed in a PaaS model. This ultimately gives multinational enterprises the ability to deploy secure IoT solutions and control them at a very granular level. Think LTE Subnet.

Service providers do a wonderful job at selling connectivity, but enterprises are left on their own regarding deploying secure end-to-end solutions. IoT deployments today largely focus on making the untrusted environment a smoother process -unfortunately, it is still on the ‘public’ network.

oil trusted untrusted


Expeto’s PaaS deployment model completely changes this mindset and untrusted architecture. Expeto enable enterprises to create complete darknets and deploy these behind corporate firewalls. In effect, Expeto enable the creation of LTE Subnets for enterprises, but on a global scale. The result is as follows:

oil trusted PaaS_0.4


Micro services give service providers unprecedented choice when deploying new services or augmenting existing ones.

  • Multi-instance, not multi-tenant
  • Scaling up, down or horizontally
  • Near real time setup of the entire core network to service the smallest of target markets

High Availability

This is where Expeto shines! Simply virtualizing an existing hardware appliance is only shifting the problem. What’s the point of having your virtualized core network residing in the same data centre as your traditional hardware one? This does not take advantage of NFV cloud scale. Moreover, simple virtualization still creates unneeded overhead from a performance and cost perspective.

  • Increased fault tolerance through advanced partitioning
  • True cloud deployments throughout on-premise, hybrid or complete cloud environments
  • Massive cost reduction related to appliances and overhead when attaining high availability goals

Expeto containerized, cloud-native LTE core network components.


The Expeto management interface gives service providers an “IT” view in which they are used to. Not a complex mess of protocols and interfaces to try and figure out.

  • LTE core network implementation of PaaS
  • Full management interface including create, read, update and delete
  • Configuration changes in real time

Getting the most out of the LTE core network by deploying a truly cloud enabled environment.