By combining traditional telecommunication standards with our disruptive cloud and edge computing technology, the Expeto Nextworking platform provides an Enterprise First service framework that enables fast and secure control of mobile networks and applications. Through Expeto’s patent-pending platform as a service (PaaS) offer, we provide a single control plane for networking, security and routing of all your devices and data across private and public mobile networks world-wide.

How Expeto Works

In order to truly get the agility and security needed to deploy IoT devices behind your corporate firewall, your business needs more than just a virtualized mobile network. Your business needs to BE the mobile network – this is what we call Enterprise First.

Enterprise First means you can activate and configure devices in seconds using your own subscriber identification module (SIM) across public and private 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G networks including Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), all within Expeto’s Nextworking platform. Expeto Nextworking customers can manage all devices and applications behind the corporate firewall, controlled with a single pane of glass.

Expeto’s Nextworking platform creates a unified framework across private and public mobile networks under enterprise control. We containerize traditional core network functions, enabling the enterprise to distribute these functions wherever and whenever needed. This groundbreaking innovation allows enterprise customers to easily deploy Expeto’s Nextworking platform all the way to the network edge or in regional clouds as required. Now you can design and execute your digital transformation, mobile workforce and IIoT applications to create new revenue streams, operational efficiencies and improve asset utilization with strict security, compliance and control cycle times. 

Why Expeto

Expeto simplifies how enterprises connect and manage IIoT applications, devices and their data. Inspired by the flexibility and distributed nature of modern IT architecture, Expeto is leveraging cloud computing, 5G and IoT technologies to build an entirely new IIoT connectivity solution.

The Expeto Nextworking platform enables you to set and manage your network and application policies to realize new and sustained digital efficiencies. This is in contrast to legacy options where you are reliant on security, quality of service and long cycle times which are out of your control, increasing risks and total cost of ownership, limiting the efficacy and ROI of your digital investments.

  • Single
    Global Network

    Easily integrate private and public mobile networks into your corporate LAN

  • Enterprise First

    Create network slices to route data by device, determine QoS, security parameters and more

  • Intuitive

    Manage your entire integrated network through an easy-to-use single pane of glass

  • Fast

    Deploy first, configure later by instantly connecting and controlling devices shipped to the field

  • Seamless

    Securely roam between public and private networks with uniform security and management

  • Enterprise

    Automatically extend your security to your IIoT devices, wherever they are located

We expect private cellular networking to be a significant enabler of Enterprise IoT market development. Expeto’s innovative work in this area has an important part to play in maximising the use of LTE technologies for this purpose, and in the evolution of this market to 5G.

As more and more devices become connected, the market for Private LTE is gaining traction due to the need for high-performance networks with cellular based performance and security. Enter Expeto, they are providing a unique private networking solution that eliminates the silos between public and private LTE and puts the enterprise in control from a single-pane of glass.

Expeto enables PASTech to quickly respond to the demands and requirements of our mining customer’s business units. Being able to control and manage their IoT assets through a standard model, covering both public and private LTE networks, reduces operational cost and greatly enhances their security posture

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  • The Business Case for Expeto

    Expeto White Paper

  • The Business Case for Expeto

    This white paper describes the challenges of deploying IIoT assets, how Expeto makes it easier, including three customer success stories.

    Download Now
  • Pivotel Enables Real-Time Asset Tracking and Telemetry with Expeto Nextworking

    Customer Success Story: Pivotel

  • Pivotel Enables Real-Time Asset Tracking and Telemetry with Expeto Nextworking

    Pivotel implemented Expeto’s Nextworking solution to allow trucks to roam between a private mobile network at the mine site and public mobile networks, providing continuous monitoring of asset location and telemetry.

    Visit Pivotel Website
  • Expeto Announces Michael Anderson as New Chief Executive Officer

    Expeto’s team is growing

  • Expeto Announces Michael Anderson as New Chief Executive Officer

    Expeto is growing! We are thrilled to announce that Michael Anderson has joined our team as the new CEO. Bringing extensive knowledge in operations, telecommunications, software and go-to-market platforms, Michael is an experienced leader and entrepreneur who has been tapped to lead Expeto into the next stage of growth. Michael is assuming day-to-day leadership for Expeto and will focus on expanding its successful introduction of Nextworking service to strategic partnerships and enterprise customers world-wide.

    View Press Release
  • Enterprise First Security Done the Expeto Way

    Expeto White Paper

  • Enterprise First Security Done the Expeto Way

    This white paper explains the security controls inherent with cellular LTE networks and describes additional security that Expeto adds to deliver secure, wireless, worldwide private networking.

    Download Now
  • Enable Digital Transformation with Expeto Networking Overview

    Expeto Networking Overview

  • Enable Digital Transformation with Expeto Networking Overview

    This networking overview explains how Expeto creates a global, secure and private network wherever there is a cellular connection.

    Download Now
  • Vodafone Selects Expeto as a Tomorrow Street Global Innovation Partner

    Expeto joins innovation centre, Tomorrow Street

  • Vodafone Selects Expeto as a Tomorrow Street Global Innovation Partner

    Expeto joined Tomorrow Street and its partner, Vodafone, to collaborate through its innovation centre program for startups.

    Learn More
  • Expeto joins Canadian Technology Accelerator

    Canadian Technology Accelerator Member

  • Expeto joins Canadian Technology Accelerator

    In April 2019, the Canadian Technology Accelerator accepted Expeto into its program that supports high potential technology companies that are expanding internationally.

    Learn More
  • Expeto Secures Series A Investment from Globally-Renowned Investors

    Expeto raises $4M in Series A Funding

  • Expeto Secures Series A Investment from Globally-Renowned Investors

    In September 2018, Expeto raised $4M in Series A funding. The funding round was led by Lavrock Ventures.

    View Press Release


  • Michael

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ryley

    Chief Revenue Officer / Co-Founder

  • Terje

    Chief Technical Officer / Co-Founder

  • Brian

    Customer Success / Co-Founder

  • Brian

    Vice President of Product


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