Expeto keeps business in the driver's seat. We provide enterprise the ability to control, secure and orchestrate all aspects of a connected business: from operations and logistics to analytics and reporting.

  • Control over scale and cost

  • Secure data in the field as well as the office

  • Orchestrate and unleash the full power of IoT

Expeto removes the barriers to digital transformation, by providing enterprises with their own private, agile, and scalable cellular (4G/LTE) networks. Expeto enables the convergence of IoT and LTE—and delivers it as easily as WiFi.

Big Data Analytics • Remote Control and Optimization • Reporting and Compliance  
Operations and Logistics • Communications •  Security and Safety




Expeto offers the entire LTE / 4G core network through a Platform as a Service environment.

Securely connecting LTE-enabled device to your trusted environment

Private IoT

Creation of a private Darkenet for LTE data (Private IoT)


Deploy IoT over LTE as easily as you deploy devices over WiFi


Drop us a line and we can show you a demo of our wares in action. We’re also not talking slideware or vapourware - our demos utilize live networks and real traffic!

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