enabling enterprise "intranet of things"

Our focus

Expeto offers the entire LTE / 4G core network through a Platform as a Service environment.

Securely connecting LTE-enabled device to your trusted environment


Introducing MVNO elements to the enterprise


Creation of a private Darknet for LTE data (IoT and smartphone)

LTE agility through containerization | Configurable Security | High Availability through advanced AI algorithms

About US

Expeto enable enterprises to fully control cellular data - inclusive of LTE data. This is achieved by controlling and managing the LTE core network. Typically found only in large Telco data centres, Expeto has developed a PaaS platform where enterprises can now control these elements through known IT methodologies. Create and destroy entire LTE core networks in a matter of seconds. Truly distributed networking.
Evolved Packet core Integrated Cloud (EPIC)

At the core of Expeto’s offering is the Evolved Packet core Integrated Cloud solution - EPIC. EPIC is a collection of traditional evolved packet core (EPC) services, additional Virtualized Network Functions and an advanced automation and orchestration engine. The complete solution can be deployed in an on-premise, hybrid or cloud environment. The architecture allows for commodity cost and scale implementations and service resilience and reliability.

  • REST Interface (high level API)

    Abstract the complexities of the LTE core network, and focus on development using tools you know and trust.

  • IT architecture (not Telco)

    An all software deployment architecture for all elements of the LTE core network

  • Advanced orchestration Algorithms

    Fault tolerance through patent pending high availability and partitioning mechanisms.

Our Team

Complete cloud and telecom expertise
Ryley MacKenzie
Ryley MacKenzie
Ryley is a visionary telecom executive with a global set of experiences ranging from startup organizations to multinational corporations. Having a background in IT security also ensures service assurance is understood and integrated at every level of the operation.
Brian Baird
Brian Baird
Brian has a proven track record of success. He consistently designs and builds extensible Information Technology solutions that solve real business problems. His experience, leadership and communication style are equally effective with business and technology stake holders.
Terje Strand
Terje Strand
Terje has deep technical knowledge and experience working with some of the worlds most complex telecom environments.
DevOps, Sales, Support
If you enjoy working with disruptive technology, this is the place for you. It’s time to be part of a team that values your input and is truly happy to have you on board!

Free yourself from the proprietary black box and enjoy the flexibility of an LTE PaaS

Show me!

Drop us a line and we can show you a demo of our wares in action. We’re also not talking slideware or vapourware - our demos utilize live networks and real traffic!